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Meet 2020 Forward under 40 Award Recipients

February 6, 2020 People who live in off-grid communities have to find ways to create electrical power to light their homes and charge their phones. In sub-Saharan Africa, the  options are often inefficient, dangerous, or toxic — dim flashlights, diesel generators, or open-flame lamps that burn paraffin or kerosene. Entrepreneurs Mehrdad Arjmand (at left in […]

In the Spotlight: Dr. Aaron Olson, co-founder of NovoMoto

More than 90 percent of the 80 million people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo do not have access to a reliable power grid. To get work done at night, to charge cell phones or to watch TV or power any other appliances, many people across sub-Saharan Africa rely on diesel generators, kerosene lamps, […]

Wisconsin Energy Institute : accès aux énergies renouvelables et résilience du réseau

Renewable energy from wind and solar is now the cheapest form of new electricity generation. We hear from two experts who address opportunities and challenges facing America’s electric grid. We talk about how to enable energy access, increase grid resiliency and grow percentages of renewable energy generation. Host(s): Larry Meiller Guest(s): Thomas Jahns, Aaron Olson Producer(s): Natalie Guyette Listen to […]

The Savvy Entrepreneur: NovoMoto

By Doris Nagel NovoMoto co-founders Aaron Olson & Mehrdad Arjmand join The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show to talk about how they are growing their company.  Starting from a student entrepreneur project at The Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin Madison, NovoMoto has already improved the lives of tens of thousands in the Democratic Republic […]