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NovoMoto is a for-profit social enterprise with the goal of providing clean electricity to millions in sub-Saharan Africa. Being a social enterprise, NovoMoto has a double bottom line: profitability to our investors and brining a positive impact to our customers’ lives.

Novomoto empowers communities by serving as an economic and development partner. Novomoto provides power free-of-charge to clinics and schools in communities that we serve. Customers may establish their first line of credit through the purchase of our kits.

novomoto's impact

At NovoMoto, we measure our social, environmental and healthcare impacts. Our social and environmental impact is mostly due to our for-profit activities through which we provide solar kits and appliances with financing options to our customers and our healthcare impact is the result of our non-profit activities where we provide electricity and necessary appliances to clinics in the areas that we operate.

In the for-profit side of the operations, we track some environmental metrics such as the number of installations (people) with access to electricity via NovoMoto,  cumulative CO2 reduction to the atmosphere, expected 5 year reduction of CO2 emission reduction. Also, we collect our economic impact into the local communities such as number of jobs created, values of loans provided to the customers and expected 5 year savings to our customers.

In the non-profit side of the operations, we collect information such as the number of clinic partners, period of time that we have supported these clinics, number of operations that were performed in our supported clinics, number of children that were born in these clinics, number of patients that were served in the partner clinics, and estimated savings for our partner clinics.

We are thankful to all of our supporters, partners and employees who helped us to have an impact in lives of thousands of people. That being said, we are preparing ourselves to ramp up our operations and have larger impact in different parts of DRC as well as other countries in sub-Saharan Africa in the next few years. To make that happen, we are counting on the continuous support from all of supports and are also looking forward to meeting new partners and supports who would like to work with us!


When my children come back the next time, they will find a nice surprise

Mrs. Nzau

NovoMoto’s kit came to improve the education of my children

A customer

No way to express the joy which is in my heart”                              

A customer

After installing the TV at my home, my kids do not go out anymore

A customer

NovoMoto is a dark hunter for me”                                                        

A customer

I increased the sales much more than before”                             


Social and Environmental Impact

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Healthcare Impact

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