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Our Solutions

Communities for a brighter future

NovoMoto provides clean electricity to communities in sub-Saharan Africa. We are displacing expensive, hazardous, and inefficient sources of energy such as flashlights, kerosene lamps and diesel generators and enabling reliable access to clean power at scale.

NovoMoto offers rent-to-own solar-powered systems directly to customers or as a part of a benefits package offered through enterprise clients. Customers can use a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) system to pre-pay for a month’s worth of electricity – the same way kerosene, diesel, and flashlights are currently purchased. Customers own their systems once the balance is paid in full at the end of the contract period.

32" TV kIT

NovoMoto’s kit consist of a battery pack which is connected to a solar panel and select energy-efficient appliances. This battery pack both powers the appliances and enables mobile phone charging. The appliances included in the kit are packaged to meet the needs of the customer.
NovoMoto’s 32″ TV Kit is our most popular offering. The kit comes with a 40W or 50W solar panel, a 120Wh battery pack, 5 LED lights and a 32″ TV. 
NovoMoto customers can watch 6+ hours of TV per day, 5 hours of all the LED lights and also can charge 1-2 phones per day.